Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black toenails

I've always heard stories about the myriad of running injuries, ranging from blisters to stress fractures and everywhere in between.

Of all the injuries, though, the one I hoped to never encounter was black toenails. A 'Black toenail' is when blood builds up underneath the toenail, causing a lot of pressure on the toe and eventually causing the nail to fall off.

After finishing a half-marathon on May 3, one week after the USMC Hard Corps Marathon, I removed my shoe to find two lovely black toenails. They don't hurt at all, but they are just downright ugly to look at.

Strangely enough, I have gotten use to looking down at my rainbow-sandal-wearing feet and seeing my ugly toes. In a wierd way i'm proud of my ugly feet.

It's difficult to tell just by looking at someone that they are a runner unless they are extremely athletic or Ethiopian. If someone were to look at me, "RUNNER" would not be the first thing that comes to mind...that is, until I show them my feet.

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