Saturday, February 18, 2012

Running in the desert

It's that time of year again...

Six weeks spent in the desert, fending for myself.

It's not as bad as it sounds, actually. Six weeks at spring training has become my home away from home. I've gotten to know the lay of the land, found a couple of spots where i like to run and have some restaurants I love visiting.

Last year I started night running regularly. It took some getting used to, but eventually it became habit. I'll try to transition back to that again this year.

My biggest challenge this spring has nothing to do with running, but is all about distance. The distance...361 miles. That's how far it is from the Angels Spring Training complex to my wife.

Last year at this time, Lindsey and i were still dating. It's a whole new ballgame this time around. We are both hoping that this will be a time of growth for us as a couple as we learn to communicate better and strengthen our connection. It will not be easy, but God has put us here for a reason and we will do all we can to glorify him where we are at...whether we are laying on the beach or running in the desert.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I don't enjoy running because of the alone time or the cool kicks or how it benefits my health. I don't hit the road every day to escape or to lose weight. I pull myself out of bed every morning and lace up my shoes because I love the challenge.

Ever since I started running back in the spring of 2007, I have set goals for myself. With each goal came a new challenge...a 10k, a marathon, more marathons, and most recently my first ultramarathon. With each challenge completed, I looked towards the next as my love of running grew and my physical limits stretched.

Two years ago I ran the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k in San Francisco. The beautiful, challenging, muddy race was my first ultra and it pushed me to the limit. The tough course pushed my body to levels it had never been before and I loved every minute of it.

This year I will go back to the same race and test my limits in the 50-miler.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this challenge, knowing that I could very well meet my limit and fail. For the first time as a runner, time means nothing. The only thing I care about is seeing it through to the FINISH.

Here we go...

Humbled and motivated

This past November I ran in the Malibu Marathon, a beautiful race along PCH from Camarillo to the sand in Malibu. I expected it to be a nice, easy race as I took my time enjoying the view and not worrying about the clock.

The miles were going by with relative ease until I felt pain in my chest. The pain was intense and forced me to walk. My heart beat out of my chest as I racked my brain trying to figure out what was going on. I was well hydrated and running at a comfortable speed, it just didn't make sense. I tried running again but the pain got worse and my heart beat faster still.

The nice leisurely run turned into an agonizing last seven miles. I wasn't able to move faster than a shuffle and limped across the finish line, defeated.

In the weeks that followed, I visited multiple doctors and took all kinds of tests. I am happy to report that nothing was found and I have a clean bill of health. I decided that the scare was my body giving me notice that it does indeed have limits, but as I have said before I enjoy pushing those limits. The little scare humbled me, but weeks later that would turn to motivation...

Happy wife, Happy life

That's my motto for this new year and, well, for the rest of my years.

I haven't written in a very long time, but i'd like to get back into the habit so please forgive me as I shake off the rust...

As you all know by now, I said "I do" to the love of my life, Mrs. Lindsey Cavinder, back on December 29th. Our big day was simply unforgettable. I am so blessed to call such an amazing and godly woman my wife.

We've spent the last month honeymooning, "nesting" in our new place and learning to live with each other. I've got to say, I have had it easy. I get to live with someone who cleans up after themselves, makes me dinner and smells wonderful. On the contrary, she lives with a slob who eats too much and smells like a sweaty dude. Sorry, sweetie!

As you also know, another commitment made in December will also have a large impact on my life, and that is the signing of Albert Pujols. In one month, my personal and professional lives went through a dramatic shift. Needless to say this will be an exciting year at home and at the office!

I am looking forward to this year, the challenges and opportunities it holds. To be honest, I can't believe it is already February. Here we go!