Monday, April 6, 2009

Let the tapering begin

FINALLY. Just as my legs were shouting, "We've had enough" and my feet were threatening to stop altogether, I have reached the tapering phase of my training program.

The last time I was training for a marathon, I hated tapering. I felt like I was wasting valuable time and miles, that I wasn't fully preparing myself. Now, I welcome the taper with open arms. Between working two jobs and having church-related commitments three nights a week, i'm having trouble finding sleep, let alone energy.

I think the tapering phase of training can be translated into life situations, too, and maybe should be more often. Our culture places a premium on being busy, working hard and never resting. The idea of tapering in training is giving your worn out body a chance to rest while it waits for the opportunity to really be put to the test. I think we need to think of our lives this way, we wear ourselves out and hardly ever take the time to rest so we are fully prepared when we have to face challenges.

My advice to you...TAPER. Taper in training, taper in work, taper in life.

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