Friday, April 17, 2009

Motivation - One week to go

I will be running the Marine Corps "Hard Corps Marathon" in one week. This one definitely snuck up on me.

I did some thinking during my run this morning and compared my training and preparation to my training for Arizona. While my training plan was almost identical, everything felt so much different this time around. I found myself feeling a little less motivated throughout this training. With the thrill of the unknown no longer there to motivate me, I have had to search for new means of motivation. Here is what I came up with...

1. I challenged myself to test my limits...within the next month I will run a half-marathon and two full marathons.
2. Instead of telling myself "You've never run this far before, how cool is this?!" it has turned into "You've done this before, you can do it again".
3. I have taken 4-6 mile short runs and made them more challenging, adding hills and speedwork to keep my striving toward something on the sometimes monotonous runs.
4. I have challenged others to get out there and run with me. Some of them have been beginners, others just looking to increase mileage. Their commitment motivates me.

Nothing motivates me more than knowing somebody is counting on me. Knowing that somebody believes in me gives me a great sense of confidence and I can't even imagine ever letting them down.

I'll be tapping into these motivating factors during my race next week, but i'll also be spending a solid four hours with the most motivating coach ever, Jesus Christ. When all other motivation fails and the race becomes difficult, I know my lord and savior is running right along side me, believing in me. I wont let Him down.

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