Friday, February 13, 2009

Runner's best friend

You'll get no argument from me that dogs are man's best friend. A big part of what makes dogs our best friends is their loyalty.

Today, I discovered the runner's best friend. Here is the story...

I was leaving my house for work this morning after a great run with a group of friends. I had my hands full as I walked to the car, so when I reached my car I put my running shoes on the roof so I could empty my hands of all my stuff. Once I packed everything I had into my car, I got in and drove off.

I pulled out of my complex and drove down the hill towards work. It is important to note that I live on one of the tallest hills in Orange County and the descent that starts my commute is pretty steep. It is nearly impossible to drive under 60 mph on this road unless you ride your brakes.

I flew down the hill in almost record time. I made it about five miles down when I reached Tustin Ave and made a left turn. After the turn, I heard a honk coming from the car next to me, so I turned to see an attractive young lady in a small SUV. It surprised me, and for a moment rally flattered me until I noticed her pointing to the top of my car. My shoes were still up there.

I was shocked. I probably looked like an idiot driving all over Orange with shoes on the roof of my car. I was amazed, though, that they were still there. Exactly where I put them.

Runners spend a lot of time in their shoes. They become almost an extension of our bodies. They are normally the only thing that accompanies us on long, lonely runs. It's easy to see why we can become so attached to our shoes, so loyal to them.

Apparently after all the time I have spent with these running shoes, they've taken a liking to me too.

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