Monday, February 9, 2009

You know you're hooked on marathons when...

I sat at my computer this weekend with my credit card in hand while I registered for some upcoming races. It's an exciting time, but also a nervous time, as I look at my training schedule and realize I have a half-marathon and two full marathons all within a one-month period.

I came to the realization that I might be hooked on marathons. I did a little research on the forums that i'm always reading and I found some intresting posts from some fellow runners. Here is how I know I am hooked on marathons:

You know you are hooked on marathons when…

You take a bath without using the hot water valve, and then you throw a bag of ice in. And you sort of enjoy it.

You consider a 12 mile long run a recovery.

You come across the finish line and say "that hurt so bad...when can we do it again?"

You base all of your vacation time on your race schedule.

You are running a marathon and planning in your head how to train for your next one.

When your friends know not to even ask if you will go out on Saturday because you are running long on Sunday.

When you have to explain to your date the real purpose of body glide when she sees it on your dresser.

When driving somewhere and your GPS tells you that you have 26.2 miles to go, you smile, laugh and think "Yea...I could run the rest of the way."

When you consider the four food groups to be gels, pasta, Gatorade and energy bars.

When your not in your office at lunch and everyone knows your running.

When the color of your pee is more important to you than the color of your outfit.

When pain really isn't an issue.

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