Tuesday, October 19, 2010

6 in 6: My new challenge

After rediscovering the old joy and excitement I used to have while running (see previous post), I decided i'd test my limits and try to OD on that excitement. In my quest to become a "Marathon Maniac" ( www.marathonmaniacs.com ) I am currently training to run six marathons in six months. I chose to humbly share this with you, not seeking any praise, but rather your support. Here is what I would gladly accept from you:

- An offer to accompany me on a training run...it gets lonely out there sometimes.
- Better yet, run one of the races with me.
- A word or two of encouragement before my races.
- Come see me cross a finish line or two...you'd be surprised how motivated I get knowing people are waiting for me at the finish.
- If you see me out running, throw a brother a red vine.

Following is a list of the races i'll be running in. If you're a runner, join me! If you're not, cheer me on at the race or via your technological messaging system of choice...

October 31 - Silicon Valley Marathon (San Jose, CA)
November 13 - Catalina Marathon (Avalon, CA)
December 4 - North Face Endurance Challenge 50K (Sausalito, CA)
January 23 - Carlsbad Marathon (Carlsbad, CA)
February 6 - Surf City Marathon (Huntington Beach, CA)
March 20 - Los Angeles Marathon (Los Angeles, CA)


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  1. whoa! 6 marathons - 6 months :: 1 in a lifetime seemed like a big accomplishment to me! best of luck Cavi! Red vines are coming your way!