Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Race Week

The early morning time that I normally spend running is being used for extra sleep and my morning prayers are focusing on health and rested legs. That's right, it's race week. Countless hours of training will be tested this Sunday as I take on 26.2 for the sixth time.

This race feels different than any of my others I have run, perhaps because I am considering it a training run, or maybe just because i'm "settling in" to this distance and have gotten use to pounding the pavement for 4 hours.

Scratch that...I dont think I will ever "settle in" to this distance. While it doesn't scare me the way it used to, I will inevitably hit a wall or fight some nagging pain. Regardless of your physical build, your finishing time or your training, 26.2 will humble you.

I expect to be humbled this Sunday. Discovering (again) my limitations will push me to stretch them and that's what running, and life, is all about.

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