Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hungry for a buffalo - my first trail marathon

It's here again. It's been less than two weeks since I toed the line for 26.2 in San Jose, but this Saturday i'll run up hills and pass herds of buffalo on my way to finishing 26.2 in Catalina.

A whole new challenge lies ahead of me, and it's only an appetizer to the main course which comes December 4th (North Face 50K). This is my first-ever trail race and i've been told it's going to be rough. To make matters worse, I intended to train on trails a lot more than I actually did.

Should be interesting.

I wouldn't say i'm scared or even nervous. It's more of a blend of cautiousness and doubt. How will my calf hold up after nagging me the last two weeks? How will these hills affect my energy late in the race? Will the trails humble me even more than the roads already do?

All of these questions will be answered Saturday. I'll face these doubts the same way I face tough hills, by running hard and getting over 'em.

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