Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New life

For the last few weeks my legs have felt incredibly heavy. At times i've even felt as if I were running in quicksand. My mind would tell my legs to move fast, but I felt like I was hardly above a quick jog.

I knew this was normal following two marathons within two weeks of each other, but my legs had never felt this dead before and they didn't seem to be improving much. With my 50k only 10 days away I was beginning to worry.

I laced up my shoes this morning, cautious of the fact that I may have to put up with my 'dead legs' for 10 miles, and was out the door. After a warm-up jog I picked up the pace a bit and much to my surprise I found myself moving at a decent clip. "Not gonna last" I told myself, thinking my legs would revert back to the heavy state they had been in for the past couple weeks.

The miles kept ticking away and I was able to keep with the pace, even pushing it at times and challenging a couple of hills. People passing on the sidewalk probably wondered why I looked so happy, but I didn't care if I looked crazy. My legs had new life and that gave me new energy. I finished the run well ahead of my usual pace with a huge smile on my face (please forgive the rhyme...i'm a poet).

A workout like this comes around very seldomly, but I enjoyed every second of it. After my 50k next week when my legs are heavy and my body hurts, i'll be dreaming of this morning's run.

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