Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just RUN

Running in the rain is uncomfortable. It's hard to see, your clothes feel incredibly heavy and dodging puddles and cars turns an easy morning run into an obstacle course. However, the moer uncomfortable it get's the more exciting the challenge becomes.

This morning I woke up to the sound of a steady rain outside my window. I looked out to see a dark sky and rain falling into large puddles. I did my best to shake off the morning drowsiness and I suited up for battle.

There's something about a challenging run that makes it easier for me. Some would call it adrenaline, others might say I have a problem, but the harder the run the more excited I am to try it.

Life is that way sometimes, isn't it? We dread the mundane, ordinary lives many of us live and seek a challenge to get our blood pumping. In my opinion, it's crucial to continuously challenge yourself, to force yourself beyond your comfort zone and to push yourself. It can be a phyical challenge, or it can be emotional, mental or even spiritual, but the best way to be your best self is to push those limits.

Push yourself today. Find something exciting and challenging and give it a shot. It could even start with a simple run in the rain.

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