Monday, April 4, 2011

26.2 x 2

I love running because it gives me a daily opportunity to test my limits. Each and every morning, I am faced with the obstacle of laziness and doubt. Each and every morning I have the opportunity to start my day off with success by overcoming said obstacles, along with several others that seem to creep their way into my body/mind/schedule. Recently, i've been testing my limits by running marathons with relatively quick turnaround time. I've become a "Marathon Maniac" not to pad my stats or to boast in my running (i'd have to be much faster to even think about bragging), but to test myself physically, mentally and emotionally. Perhaps it's a "guy thing" or maybe I just have a screw loose. It could be the "runner's high" or maybe i'm a glutton for punishment. Whatever it is, i've decided that I want more. Running six marathons in six months was definitely challenging, but I never found my limit. Back to the drawing board... In six weeks, I will be running the Palos Verdes Marathon on May 14th and the Pasadena Marathon on May 15th. They say, "You never know until you try...", so here goes nothing...

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  1. did it go? I just became a "Half Fanatic" by doing 2 in 2 days...worth every sore muscle but was surprised at how good it felt when it was all over! Congrats on your accomplishments! HF#973