Monday, February 7, 2011

My biggest fan

Webster's dictionary describes a fan as an "enthusiastic devotee, follower or admirer". I describe it as someone who is willing to wake up before the sun and stand on street corners in the cold for four hours just to support me in doing what I love.

It's for those reasons (and many others) that I am incredibly thankful for my biggest fan, my girlfriend, Lindsey.

If you've followed my blog for some time, you may have read a post in which I describe how/why running is simply not a spectator-friendly sport. For those of you who have witnessed a marathon as a spectator, you can surely attest to this.

It is painful (sometimes literally) to be a devoted supporter of a runner, but the encouragement and motivation it brings to the runner is indescribable.

So I would like to issue a special thank you to my biggest fan. Thank you for giving up your weekends, for braving the cold and dark street corners, for waiting and waiting and waiting. Your support and encouragement mean more to me than I could ever begin to tell you. Thank you, Button.

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