Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running is like dating

I shared in a recent post that running is very much like dating, so I thought i'd try to expand on that thought. Here are a few truths that apply to both running and dating...

1. Neither has to be expensive, but the more serious you are about it, the more it'll cost you.

2. If you're in good shape, you're more likely to be successful.

3. You will get hurt, but the recovery process is what makes or breaks you.

4. It's a whole lot more fun when you're going through it with someone else.

5. If you start too fast, you risk flaming out early. Start too slow and you risk finishing altogether.

6. It's important to know your weaknesses. You may not be able to do anything about them, but it'll help you avoid failure.

And a few ways that running is like dating...

1. Standing at the start line is like a first date, you get butterflies in your stomach no matter how many times you've been there.

2. I would imagine finishing a race is like tying the knot, you rejoice that the first challenge is over, but know plenty more lie ahead.

3. Running is just like dating in that it'll never be perfect and you will never be the best, but the moments you'll experience are unlike any other.

4. In running, as in dating, no matter how long you have been doing it there is still something new to learn.

5. Running is like dating, both require encouraging spectators to give support when things get tough.

To be continued...

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