Monday, October 22, 2012

Off the grid

We have maps to tell us where we're going and odometers to tell us how far we've been.

Time to break away.

All I want is a compass. Point me in the right direction and I will get there. At my own speed, in my own time, with nothing holding me back.


Not long ago I would meticulously log every mile I ran, with time splits and a full-blown recap of how each run went. I was geared up from head to toe with a GPS watch, heart rate monitor, ipod and a microwave oven. Well - maybe it just felt like I was carrying everything but the kitchen sink.

My obsessive personality had taken over and effectively sucked the life right out of my passion for running. It was time to strip it all down.


I ditched the gadgets and went out for a short run. I felt lighter - in more ways than one. I wasn't constantly checking my wrist or fidgeting with a gadget. I was looking around and enjoying the scenery, breathing in the fresh air while I shuffled along.

This is why I run. This feeling right here.


Are you feeling tied down? Maybe working from your phone makes you feel trapped or sitting in front of a computer all day is stifling your creativity.

Get up and move. Leave everything behind. Walk. Jog. Run. Do jumping jacks. Anything.

Break away - you won't regret it.

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