Monday, April 22, 2013

Run for Boston

I have been so inspired by the love that has poured into Boston over this past week. We have seen truly remarkable stories emerge and while there is still a long road to recovery, we've seen some incredible strides made.

Last week's tragedies really hit home for Lindsey and I. We don't know anyone who was affected, but we felt connected in a deep way to those who were suffering. The running community is a tight-knit group and maybe that's why I hurt so badly for them.

Being 3,000 miles away, there is little we could do. Thankfully, Pavement Runner set out to organize group runs in honor of those affected. What started out with just a couple of cities has grown to over 120 locations, ranging anywhere from a small group to hundreds of runners, out there for Boston.

Lindsey and I cannot wait to get out there and run in honor of those who no longer can. Time to prove to the world that nothing can stop us runners.

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